Find your financial clarity
Creating your healthy bank balance whilst living a life you love

What is your biggest challenge right now?

“As your Money Coach I help you to dump the guilt, ramp up the joy, and become friends with money to give you the life you love.”
Fine Tuning
I am happy with how I handle my finances but I have some important decisions to make and I would like an independent sounding board
I am enjoying life, spending money is part of that but I can't stop feeling that I could be doing better.
Money and I are not always good friends. We have up and down relationship and it is about time we sorted it out.
During the last 20 years of listening and understanding people’s goals and dreams in relation to money, I have always felt that people have a wealth of their own guidance to draw upon; they just need a sounding board and a guiding hand along the way.
Welcome I am Caroline Domanska
I am a the founder of Money Mindset Coaching
If you are stuck and unhappy with the way you feel, are, or be with money then you are in the right place. I'm an avid supporter of you achieving the ease with your Money Mindset that you deserve. What draws me to help you? I believe that you can live a life of freedom and ease when it comes to your money mindset, to allow you to experience, and challenge yourself to be the best and most authentic to yourself, you can be. You just need the how.

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