I am Caroline Domanska
the founder of Money Mindset Coaching
If you are a person who is stuck or unhappy with the way the feel, are or be with money then you are in the right place. I’m an avid supporter of you achieving the ease with your Money Mindset that you deserve.
What draws me to help you? I believe that you can live a life of freedom and ease when it comes to your money mindset, to allow you to experience, and challenge yourself to be the best and most authentic to yourself, you can be. You just need the how.


During the last 20 years of listening and understanding people goals and dreams in relation to money, I have always felt that people have a wealth of their own guidance to draw upon, they just need a sound boarding and a guiding hand along the way.

My natural instinct to help people has always been there, I have looked after over 250 clients during my career, and I have always sought to explore the tools that would help my clients in the best, most holistic way. My recent 7 years in the Middle East has come with more flexibility to use these tools more creatively, and enjoy and learn from meeting people of variety of nationalities.

I realised that I would have to learn new skills if I wanted to develop the path of helping people realise their own potential and empowering them with their relationship to money. Just having a feeling that this was a respectful and equal way to address others money concerns was not enough. Becoming a Qualified Coach, with no products to sell, would be a different way of doing things.

So I explored what was already out there. I found that in the US it is more common to have a Money Coach, someone who helps and guides you on the path of your relationship to money, with your best interests at heart. No affiliation to companies, no products to sell. This was my light-bulb moment when I thought this is what feels so right to me; I can’t wait to help people in this way!

I looked at formalising and enhancing my existing skills, and am to qualify as a University accredited and ICF approved (ACTP) Coach with Barefoot Coaching and the University of Chester. This course is also endorsed by the National Council of Psychotherapists. All of these aspects are important to me to have a rigorous theoretical underpin to what I do, as well as it involving many practical observed sessions of coaching. I expect to qualify for my Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching, and this summer, 2014. As this is one third of a Masters Degree I can continue on my studies.

I have been involved in personal finance since 1994, starting at the entry level job in my local bank. I have worked through the ranks, qualifying in my personal financial advisor qualifications in 2000. I have my Certificate in Financial Advice (CEFA), Certificate in Mortgage Practice and Advice (CeMap) and the Financial Advisors International Qualification (FAIQ). I have experience in both small and large organisations, and have been working for myself under the umbrella of a company in the Middle East for the last 6 years.

I am excited to share my experience, and findings with you, and hope that you find the natural ease, empowerment and confidence in your own personal finances that I do.

I also want to have the various logos from the following:

Barefoot Coaching

University of Chester


National Council of Psychotherapists.

I also need this caveat Money Mindset Coaching and CVD Financial Limited is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We will never provide you with specific advice on the purchase of any financial product such as a pension, saving, investment, insurance, credit arrangement or mortgage. Nor will we suggest that you vary, alter, discard or liquidate an existing product, including any debt you hold.

Should you require any recommendations or opinion on your existing or new financial arrangements, we would always suggest that you seek advice from a regulated independent financial adviser, or in the case of debt, a regulated debt counsellor.

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