Plan Your Income Streams & Crush Your Financial Goals for 2018 – Workshop Replay

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Have you ever been so relieved that you instantly felt your shoulders fall, your whole body lighten and a little glow appear around you?


Well thank you because you have just confirmed to me that it happens to all of us.  We get wound up and stressed about things that we should have done, that we have been meaning to do, and we hold onto that in our taken for granted bodies without even realising it sometimes.

So what happened on my online workshop last night, was lots of relaxed shoulders and easy breathing as we created a path and concrete actions for more income to be created in your world for 2018.  (We sorted big dreams, created a step by step roadmap to your income goals, and I shared how to implement a new income stream within the next 24 hours!)

Also I unveiled a one of the most useful 1:1 services I have offered this year!

Check out the replay below and hurry up because this train will be leaving the station in just 36 hours!

This Choo-Choo train also takes with you the opportunity to work 1:1 with me AND have me create your bespoke income roadmap, which really will leave you floating on air for 2018!

Here’s your actions!

  1. Watch the workshop below!

2) And please then raise your hand if:

  • You want to take an anxious peak at your numbers in your business but it makes you feel vulnerable and embarrassed because you just don’t know where to start.


  • You’d rather stab yourself in the eye than deal with a spreadsheet….


  • Would like to have a highly effective bespoke step by step plan done for you so that you can be secure in knowing exactly where you will be generating your income from in 2018,  in more ways than you do currently, without adding crazily to your workload?


Then the Bespoke Smash Your Income Streams Roadmap Session is for you.

There is no other done for you service out that that has my unique blend of practical and mindset support that will get you from worrying about where you are to confident and creating for 2018.

I’ve created this 1:1 session and bespoke roadmap document (done for you) with you in the mind….  The service provider, the holistic practitioner, the consultant, the coach, the break free from the 9-5’er who is:

  1. Sick and tired of earning the same old money doing the same old thing.
  2. Wants to break free from the terror of rollercoaster income
  3. Is just done with exchanging their time for money
  4. Wants to live with the feeling that they are on the right path with the satisfying ping of money coming into their bank account and being rewarded for the gifts that they offer.

So if you are done trying to do this all yourself, or cobbling together tactics from 5 million different places then here is my very decent proposition….

Here’s how to know you are going to have multiple income streams in place for 2018 and have income as smooth as Sean Connery’s Scottish drawl.

Find out more here and book your Bespoke Smash Your Income Streams for 2018 1:1 session today.


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