Speaking Engagements

I love to speak on Money and how we can change our mindset to provide a better relationship with money, to boost our earning potential, and life a healthy and wealthy life.

If your group are successful and ambitious and you think they could be ready for the next big leap then I am the one to make sure they go for it both feet in, firmly forward.

What often get’s missed though, the bit that gets left behind – is your team’s relationship to money. This can stop every piece of logic and encouragement you have been providing them with, stop working.

To discuss with me how I can help you and your team transform your relationship with money please click here. Why not take that next financial leap with confidence, and have the tools to build on that for ongoing success.

On inspirational topics


  • How to raise your income ceiling
  • The 5 mindset blocks that are stopping you growing your business
  • Women & Money – what’s holding us back
  • How to change your mindset to live the life you love
  • How to work out your money type and make it work for you
  • Quick wins to boost business productivity by harnessing your money mindset
  • I want to save but I never seem to be able – Get over your money blocks
  • Confidence boosters for small business owners to ramp up your revenue
  • Smart money tips for Smart women
  • How to set your prices with confidence

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