Don’t just take my word for it, here are some love notes from my happy clients about the results they have seen from working with me!
I came to Caroline with a very open mind and not quite sure what to expect. I knew I had some misalignment with my money story. My business wasn’t delivering at the level I had envisaged and I instinctively knew that my head and heart couldn’t be aligned. However, I couldn’t put my finger on what was holding me back – and you can’t coach yourself! Caroline skilfully tunes into what is not being said and asks the real squirm questions in a curious and non-judgemental way. She incorporates a range of very practical exercises which helped me to go deeper, quickly and I’m seeing results – and it started with upgrading my mindset and living more abundantly.
Tracy Kelly, Performance Coach & Founder of The Percolator

I came to Caroline with a very open mind and not quite sure what to expect. I knew I had some misalignment with coaching from Caroline as I wanted to find focus for my goals for the future whilst learning to enjoy the present. I initially wanted particularly to explore my views and the consequences of these, towards our finances. Was there anything we could do to improve these, were my views stopping me from enjoying today and hindering me in moving forward, were we so different to everyone else? Through meeting with Caroline, I was able to reflect on a deeper level where my views came from, how these fit into the life expectations I had and to look at my goals for the future. I was able to put structure into my thoughts and plan my goals and ensure steps were put in place to achieve them. I was able to not only focus on my views on finances but actually was able to progress further into other areas of my life. Caroline provided the guidance I needed and was able to provide me with the tools to put the next steps in place. It was an extremely positive experience and one that I would thoroughly recommend.”
Kim Maye, Corporate Manager

I was looking to earn more money, to create more financial security, but knew I needed to get into the right mindset. I found the meditations helpful to get me into the kind of positive frame of mind that will help me make more money. On a day-to-day basis I’ve enjoyed working out my ‘money jars’ and I’ve found the confidence to try out new ways of making money. Caroline is a warm, friendly and helpful person to work with – and she doesn’t make you feel bad about your spending habits!
Rachel Anderson , Journalist

Before I started Create Your Money Blueprint I felt like I did not want to engage with money and was avoiding the confrontation. I was surprised at the difference that engaging with Caroline made as well as the easy to understand good, positive elements on structuring my money, could make. I feel more positive around money, that I have more understanding around my money blocks and creation of financial freedom. Caroline is an excellent coach, an easy listener and very positive.

Andrew S, Godalming

I didn’t have any hesitations about working with Caroline when I met her and realised she had a calm and non judgmental approach to helping clients get organised with their personal finances. Her approach is patient and she has a raft of good simple ideas. That combined with the Money Mindset work we have done has allowed me to view aspects of my money relationship differently and move even further forward in my business and life.

Josephine Blythe

Before I met Caroline, I lacked confidence in retailing products to my clients, which was holding me back in the fulfilling my full potential in my business.

Since working with Caroline I realised that I was not giving my clients a full service if I was not recommending products for them to use between treatments. I i dentified that my lack of confidence with retailing came from not wanting to appear pushy and as such since my return on each appointment has increased, as well as feeling like I’m doing a holistic job for my clients. I was completely confident in Caroline from our first meeting and I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Liz Guthrie, Business Owner

Working with Caroline was extremely valuable and worthwhile. I now have clarity on how my past money stories had the potential to hold me back, and I’ve made some major mindset shifts that are already paying dividends.

Natalie Sutton; Entrepreneur, NLP Coach & Lego Serious Play Facilitator

The money mindset course has been really helpful to think about, set Heaven Scent Flowers Logoand clarify my goals with strategies & tips along the way to really help take steps to create, organise and plan a much better path to achieve my goals for me, my family and my business.

Through the course I have greater confidence and more knowledge that I can make small steps to help me get closer to where I want to be which has helped make me less worried.

I have had some unexpected doors open up and I am happy I am doing things to help create a much better future.

I’m really positive about the future, and I believe I can do more and better too.

Rhoda Bouaziz, Personal wedding flower designer

I met Caroline in the summer of 2014 when I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the constant chaos that things out of my control were bringing to my life and I was starting to lose my confidence.

Caroline helped me think of my life in a different way and by asking the right questions and bringing interesting frameworks and exercises she helped me build my confidence back. recommendations-picWhile somehow the chaos continued, in the process of few months I did feel much better.

Although some of the chaos has not changed, my attitude toward it has and that has changed everything. My energy levels are higher too, and I’m more excited about life, the day to day stuff, and the future. I felt like I was hearing advice from a great and wise friend. I highly recommend her as a coach.

Maria Stephens; Mum, Wife, and Senior Corporate Manager

I wanted to work with Caroline to improve the management of my money. Money is a difficult, confidential but Caroline is open, understanding and easy to communicate with. As an entrepreneur, I knew it was important to move to the next level and I have achieved that with more awareness around my money management and in life as a whole, with different ways to think about particular situations in my life. Don’t worry Caroline won’t overload you and will give you lots of practical help to move forward.

Ravi Solanki, Estate Planning Consultant & Lifestyle Trainer

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