The counter-intuitive way to talk money & prices with confidence (so you can help more clients)

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How would it feel if when the next time you are asked your prices you did a little happy dance inside and the words came flowing confidently out of your mouth?

The ideal situation, right?

In a few moments, I will show you exactly how you can start to move toward this ideal situation but before I do so let me ask you these three crucial questions.


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  • Are you absolutely done with giving away too much of your service for free?
  • Would you do anything to get rid of that feeling you are in a race to the bottom and it’s all about price?
  • Does the thought of another moment wondering how you might afford everything you desire this year (from a decent holiday to your kid’s shoes) make you want to tear your hair out?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then you are in the right place today, and you are not alone.  I’ve had my fair share of money wobbles too, I started having to talk about price back in 2000 so have had LOTS of practice, and have battled my money mindset demons, to stand side by side in happy confidence when talking money.   I want to share the exact same 5 steps with you that you can use to feel confident about you, money and your business too.


I’m going to start with something you wouldn’t expect on a discussion about price.   The income you want.

Let me ask you this – Is it ok to want?

I asked this question on my Linked In recently and it now has over 2,000 views at last count, and numerous comments so it clearly hit a nerve.

Let’s ask this question again to you – is it ok for you to want?

At this point really consider your first answer, thought, feeling or physical reaction to this question

Because that is really telling about your mindset in this area.  And your mindset is the first key to confident pricing and talking confidently about money.  Confident money talks = you HELPing more people and growing your bank balance.  A WIN: WIN!

Does the question “is it ok for you to want?”,  bring up any money memories? – they will be important for they have given you the guidance (supportive or not) for how you are with money now.


Let’s work out what that really means.

There’s the want of the lottery winner lifestyle.

There’s the want of being able to remove those niggles that would make our life easier. (A cleaner, a social media assistant for example)

And there’s the want of wanting to do more, be more, learn more, to give more.

And isn’t that ok?

It’s that word “want”.

It’s become to mean greedy, selfish, entitled even.

I look at my life with my strong, rather dashing, husband and my cheeky grinned little girl…

….I could let my thoughts run away and say “you got it good Caroline, this is all your going to get.”

For we don’t want to jinx the goodness we already have – do we?

But I want more. I unashamedly want to grow me, my business and my impact on my family and my world.

And I’ll support anyone who would like to find the way to wanting more; positively.

For any word is neutral until we hang our beliefs on it.

It might feel counter-intuitive to start with what you want when it comes to pricing and money – surely it should be about your client’s affordability or the what the market can take?

BUT actual CONFIDENT pricing comes from within.  So tell me…

What is the biggest want you have, that you have been holding back on?


Because I strongly believe that more money gives you more choice.

And how much you choose to receive gives you choices.

And so every time you undercharge, discount or barter, you are reducing your choices.

For you, for your family, and for others that you might be growing your business for (future employees for example).

We as heart-centred entrepreneurs are fabulous custodians of money.  Consider the other options for custodians of money out there……Is’nt it our time you increased your choices and your impact on the world and stepped into your worth?

Now let me point out here I am NOT saying we all need to be charging higher prices.  That is not my point at all (although do check to see if you are undercharging – the guide below will let you know that).   In any niche people have multiple ways of helping clients at different prices points, and in any niche, some people are crushing it with low-cost membership models, and others are charging 20k a day… more on that in the 5 steps but for now…

It’s time for you to decide what you really really want in life and in your business.


These are the 5 steps I’ve used to ensure that whenever I speak about my pricing and discuss money, it leads to a great conversation with a fabulous solution for all concerned.  Happy me and a happy client.

The 5 steps will change how you feel and do the money conversation so that you can help you and more clients.

  • Includes how to shift your mindset to confident
  • Includes how to price your products and services
  • Includes how to create a sustainable income
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