The Secrets to Success with Pocket Money

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There she is laying on the floor again.  At least she has learned through trial and error to fling herself in a certain way so her head doesn’t bounce on the floor now – style and effect are high on the list of my daughter’s tantrum performances….

Sound familiar? Whatever age your children are I’m sure they have they own style of getting annoyed, showing frustrations, and sometimes just being downright unreasonable!  When this is linked to money, it can be an even bigger source of conflict between you and them, for it’s never just about the money is it?

Sometimes they become ongoing arguments, which neither of you seems to be able to move on from, they feel like they are still brewing, ready to boil over at any moment.

You want to give them control but on the other hand find their impulsiveness frustrating, even downright scary sometimes.

You feel the conflict in your heart.

You & I know we are all doing the best we can but really like me, I’m sure you wish kids came with a manual!

The Way You Do Money

The way you “do” money in your household can give you all that sanity break you’ve been looking for. It doesn’t matter if your child is 2 or going on 22 then learning about money in a positive way has effects way beyond knowing that 100 pennies make a pound.

In a recent poll I held on LinkedIn I asked what age people started giving pocket money and it ranged from 2 to latter Secondary School.  There was a particularly lovely story about giving up dummies in exchange for a train set from one lady, that shows you are never too young to start seeing the comparative value of things.

money mindset pocket money

I’d like to give you the confidence to use pocket money as the fantastic learning tool it can be.  A tool to give independence, curiosity, and value to both you and your child or teenager.   There’s a number of techniques that Parenting Success Coach, Louise Hoffman Brooks shares that do just that.  For that’s what we all want isn’t it for our kids for them to grow up with a good sense of money behind them?

Here are some questions to get you started thinking…

  • Do you think its never too young to start bringing in some money concepts?
  • What age would you start pocket money?
  • Would you put any constrictions on how the money was spent?
  • Or what about no pocket money at all and just buying things or giving money as needed?

What about your money story?

Often times though we can also get tripped up by our own money stories, those past down to us like the fables of our ancestors, almost written in stone.  Money doesn’t grow on trees you know, no we can’t afford that, a penny saved is a penny earned, you can’t take it with you, the best things in life are free….   All these sayings and ways your parents and wider social aspects were with money have rubbed off on you and can be influencing the way you and your children do money both now and in later life.  Some of these are subconscious and unknown to us but block us receiving money well. It pays to check that you are operating from the best place when it comes to money too.

Check out this FB LIVE for the 3 surprising questions you can ask about pocket money.

What do you want for your children?

To understand money?  Do you want them to feel beholden by it?  Or scared of it?  Or working to the bone for the last penny? To think about money differently to you?

Or to be comfortable at attracting it in and spending and saving it wisely?

The Secrets of Sucess With Pocket Money Workshop

If you do then join us for a 2-hour workshop where we uncover the secrets to success with pocket money.  Run jointly by myself, your Money Mindset Coach and Louise Hoffman Brooks, Parenting Success Coach we will give you all the tools you need to make pocket money a smooth sailing experience.  Whether you have yet to start or are in the midst of giving pocket money already then this is for you.

Register now for the IN-PERSON workshop in Addlestone, Surrey on 29th June OR if you are not local, or it’s more convenient, register your interest for the VIRTUAL workshop, date to be confirmed.


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