Women and Money – One massive (but quick) step you can take to money confidence

by | Jan 25, 2024 | Uncategorized

I’m just going to jump ( well clamber up it feels more like nowadays!) onto my soapbox a minute here.

I’m come out first and say I’m not a bra-burning feminist but I do think that women have a unique set of challenges when it comes to money and money mindset.  (and sure as eggs men have their own particular hang-ups too, but that’s for another day).

So what’s on my soapbox, on my wick today..   It’s THIS.  The air freshener, the chocolate bar, the tampons… we as women have had years of not being encouraged to step up into our true financial power.  One of my money mentors Denise Duffield Thomas couldn’t explain it better than in this video…

I give you permission today to really think about what it is that you truly want in your life.  I mean really, really.  No fluffing around here, let’s get it out on the table (or into your fave notebook/journal for this kind of thing) and put it all down.

Now, this doesn’t have to be the stereotypical Rolls Royce and Champagne list, it is whatever makes your life first class for you.   And that is unique to everyone.

Start with thinking about your home, your environment, your clothes, your self-care, your personal development, your business, your time, your relationships, your family.

Pick ONE thing to upgrade right now.   Go do it!

If you are ready to uplevel your income and redefine what your first class life means to you then grab my daily checklist to upgrading your life and bank balance right here.


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