Create your clear path to securing your financial freedom in less than 180 days.

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If you are fed up of being stuck in the same place with money, you have a niggling sense that you are not doing something quite right, and its creeping into your enjoyment of life then this is for you.

If you’ve had money before but every time it arrives, you have fun with it and then you look back and seem to be nowhere further forward financially then this is for you.

Maybe it shows itself in over-spending or even under-spending. Maybe it shows itself in working all the hours. Maybe it shows itself in that fog in your brain when you know you should be doing something different, you feel that you want to be better friends with money, but you just don’t know how.

You are an aspiring and ambitious individual and are not short of ideas to take your life forward but can’t seem to gain traction with your financial freedom.

You are profitable in your business or doing well in your career but you are still feeling like you only have the basics covered when it comes to your income and assets.

You are earning well but are niggled by the doubt that things could be happening for you a lot quicker if you just knew what to do next.

You want to sort out any money behaviours that have tripped you up in the past.

You want to grow your ability to receive more.

You want to feel safe and secure financially.

You want to be confident in your dealings with money.

You want a plan to clear debt.

You want to create more assets for you and for a legacy.

You want to know when you will be financially free!

You want a plan to get you there.

Sooner than you thought.

And why not?


Money coaching with Caroline gave me new avenues to explore and streamline my revenue & her insight triggered a new income stream!

Kate Latham

Personal Coach

Caroline has given me the knowledge, tools, and the confidence to explore and implement a spending plan as well as an investment strategy.

Vee Smith

Digital Strategist

The finanical freedom roadmap

This is your flagship coaching & knowledge building solution which will create a long-lasting shift in your money mindset & financial knowledge to create your healthy bank balance, financial freedom and a life you love once and for all.

I’m here as someone who looks out for you, speaks your language, can work out what is really going on with you and your money, and makes the numbers easy. I’ll share my 20 years financial & money mindset knowledge with you so you can become your own financial powerhouse.
The Financial Freedom Roadmap will give you actionable and visible results in 180 days.

It’s your time. And I’ll walk with you every step of the way to make certain they happen.

Even if right now you confused about where to start

Even if right now it doesn’t seem possible.

Will we get your:



If you are looking to have a secure plan for your financial future, whilst enjoying life now, then this solution is perfect for you.

If you want to be empowered to make your own financial decisions, to have a clear and focus money mindset, and the strategies in place in your life to achieve that, then this is for you.

If you want to have a truly honest conversation about life, money and where you are headed without the conversation having to end in the purchase of a financial product then this is for you.
You want a shift in the way you think about money, more financial knowledge, and a clear plan to achieve your financial freedom. You want personalised support to do that.

This is so much more than traditional financial advice. In fact, this isn’t advice. (As a money coach I do NOT give advice but education and training). It’s empowerment.

Working together with me as my private client? here is what will happen.

We will start with a 2-hour coaching session where we discover what really motivates you about money and solve any burning issues that you have right now so that creating your financial freedom is aligned perfectly to you.

Over the next 90 days, we will then have 5 further 2 hour sessions to:

  • Clear any unsupportive money beliefs that are holding you back
  • Define what financial independence and freedom really does mean for you with milestones and timetable.
  • Establish a mindset of abundance & wealth
  • Implement mindful spending and saving strategies that allow you to enjoy life now whilst creating financial freedom
  • Craft your ideal financial persona – that you can actually live
  • Grow your knowledge and create a strategy for asset generation
  • Create new passive income streams
  • Grow your current income
  • Create a debt clearance plan (if applicable to you)


Following from the initial 90 days of empowerment and learning, we will have 6 x 1-hour sessions to ensure the implementation of your strategies.
Within 180 days you will have created your path to financial freedom and have the support, knowledge and mindset to make it happen.

To get started book your complimentary clarity call so we can make sure this is a journey that we are excited about taking together.

Can’t see any times that work for you? Then email me at

Investment for 180 days to your financial freedom


All sessions are held over Zoom, (I work with clients worldwide) unless you happen to live near the lovely town of Sandhurst, Berkshire in which case we can meet in person.

I’m currently taking new clients on to start in September 2024.

You can book a clarity call NOW, however, to discuss how the Financial Freedom Roadmap could work for you.


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